Multidisciplinary Programs

In 2015, Kosovo is slowly passing the transition phase and is entering into a more stable period of economic and social development. This period is characterized with new requirements in relation to the qualification offer that the institutions of higher education shall provide. AAB is committed to provide the most attractive programs that are pursuant to the trends and requirements on the market, personal needs of the potential students. Therefore, in the future it is expected to have a gradual decrease in the requirements for studying economics or law, which were critical to facilitate the transition from centralized economies and administrations into the market economy and a democratic society administration. It is expected to have an increased interest about the more complexive and multidisciplinary programs which correspond better with the flow and market demands.

In 2914, AAB commenced the implementation of a sectorial management program in the fields of education, health, culture and sports. This program was very successful. AAB will continuously have new multidisciplinary programs in the field of tourism, environment, agriculture, health care and others. This will be carried out, according to the flow and market demands that will be assessed with particular studies. AAB has also commenced the program for the exchange of personnel that will be in compliance with the new program orientations.