FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked  Questions

  • When can I use the Library?

Monday– Friday 8:40 – 18:00

Saturday – 8:40 – 16:40

Sunnday – Closed

  • Is the consumption of food  allowed in the Library?

The consumption  of food in the library is prohibited, however, the users of the library are allowed to use the  food which  does not  damage  the library/ respectivelty the  books and the inventory.

  • Is there a group study space in the library, where my colleagues and I could use that space for group projects?

The second floor of the library has a facility designated  for this purpose. Whereas the first floor of the Central Library is reserved  for individual readers only  and it is a quite area for learning.

The second floor of the library is to be booked  for a certain in order to enable other groups to use this area as well. In order to achievebetter effectiveness in group coordinations, booking is mandatory.

FAQ- Collections, borrowings, charges

How can we find stuff in the Library?

Always ask the  responsible person in the Library.  They will  help!


What do I need to have with me to borrow stuff from the Library?

The students shall have the ID or Index if they want to borrow books from the Library.

A friend asked me if he/she can use the library, but he/she isn’t a student of the AAB University, could he/she use the library?

The  AAB University Library is open for all students of the AAB University, for the  University staff, but also the researchers who are not part of the AAB University can use the Library. 

What is the duration of borrowed material?

If there are more than two copies of the same book, the users can borrow the books and keep them for 10 days.   While, the reference materials, magazines and newspapers are not to be borrowed by the users outside the library. 

How can I extend the duration of the borrowed material?

You should personally approach the the person in charge of material and request the extention of time.  You do not need to bring the book with you. You also can extend the duration of keeping the book via  e-mail [email protected].

What happens if I do not return the book on  time?

If you have exceeded the time limit to return the borrowed material then you will be finedwith:

0.50 € per each day of delay.

You will be limited to borrow other materialsin the future.


I heard about this book, it is admirable, could the Library buy it?

Yes, the library accepts your suggestions on developing the collections. The students, academic staff and the library are an important part of development of collection.