Iii International Conference On Linguistics, Literature And Didactics

Prishtinë: 08.09.2018 - 08.09.2018

Type: International Conference


AAB College in partnership with:

-University of Tirana
-University of Beder
-Universitey "FAN .S NOLI"
-St. Clement of Ohrid University

Linguistics, Literature and Didactics, have a long tradition in being key fields of scholars around the world. These areas have a long tradition in being analyzed and reviewed in many researches and conferences realized by scholars and faculties. In an academic setting, these areas are completely in line with each other. As such, in this conference we would like to promote the study of English language covering acquisition in a non-native context, the relationship of languages, specifically that of Albanian and English with other educational and pragmatic processes. Furthermore, teaching and learning English language, literature and culture covers the area of didactics in providing practical guidance to theoretical concepts when taking into account the important bond between the education and scientific perfection gained in universities and the implementation of that knowledge in schools.

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