International conference


“Functionality of the Rule of Law in South-eastern Europe”

Conference dates 30 October, 2015
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Organizers Organized by the Faculty of Law of the AAB College, in collaboration with the Faculty of Criminalistics, Criminology and Security Studies of the University of Sarajevo, and in partnership with the University of Tirana, the Bar Association of Austria, the Police Academy of Zagreb (Croatia).
Venue Prishtinë
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The goal is to convey and present the views and approaches of researchers and scientists on the theme of the state and rights, respectively on functioning of the rule of law in the Southeastern Europe in search of findings on the challenges and difficulties of the functioning of the rule of law and reaching a scientific accord of views on a quality settlement of potential obstacles and development and affirmation of the rule of law as a key precondition for preserving and guaranteeing human rights and freedoms, as most sublime values of this civilization.