Konferencë Ndërkombëtare


Linguistics, Literature and Culture

Conference dates 29 April, 2017
Conference URL http://konferencat.aab-edu.net/icllc2017/en/
Organizers Faculty of Foreign Languages,Department of the English Language at the AAB collage in partnership with the University “Luigj Gurakuqi”of Shkodra, University “Aleksandër Moisiu”, Durrës (UAMD), and the South-East European University (SEEU),Department Languages, Cultures and Communications.
Venue Pristina
Additional informations

The conference will bring together Albanian and foreign linguists and researchers with the aim of showcasing and presenting their studies and research findings in linguistics, literature, and intercultural studies; exchanging their academic experiences in these disciplines; as well as establishing networks for future academic collaborations and projects.

Presentations will cover a wide range of topics, including the disciplines of Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, English and American Literature, Literary Criticism, Discourse Analysis, English Teaching Methodology, Innovation in Learning, Translation Studies, etc.