Training Center

A training center of AAB University is a specialized center which offers special courses beyond educational program for its students as well as for the candidates who are interested to attend lectures in this university.

During the April month of the year 2007, the training center of AAB University, will organize special preparatory courses for all the interested students who want to apply for the academic year 2007/2008.

The registration condition in these courses is: to have finished any of the secondary schools in Kosovo and to be interested to attend the studies in the AAB University.

The courses with be interactive and will be held by the professors from the appropriate fields.

The courses will be held in the facilities of the AAB University and students will be free of charge concerning that issue.

For the candidates from the Pristina region, we will organize the transport by bus.

Here you can find the application form for one of the courses, which You have to send to this email address:[email protected]

Download the application form