Albanian Language and English Loanwords Today

Vesel Nuhiu


This paper first of all deals briefly with the present situation of the Albanian language pointing out the failure to respect the standard language norm. The paper is then mainly concentrated on the phenomenon of borrowing English language elements by the Albanian language. It emphasizes the large number of loanwords that have penetrated into Albanian after the war in Kosova, with the coming of international governmental and non-governmental organizations and by the social system change, as well as due to the impossibility to analyze and control those foreign words, most of them unnecessary, due to their furious coming in within a short time, but also due to the lack of readiness, either subjective or objective, of language institutions of the country to address loanwords in a proper manner. In compliance with this, respective measures are proposed to be undertaken for controlling the unnecessary loanwords. An additional part is offered in the paper, in which some loanwords that could be accepted are discussed justifying the proposals, and also suggesting for some of the unnecessary loanwords to be refused in Albanian.

Key words: language globalization, loanwords, foreign words, borrowing process, loanwords analysis, appropriate linguistic measures, allowing loanwords, loanwords adaptation: phonetic, grammatical, semantic, bodies/institutions for loanwords treatment, loanwords treatment, and acceptable/unnecessary loanwords.

Albanian Language and English Loanwords Today.pdf