The image of a country, communication actors in educational exchanges

Hasan Saliu
Viti i botimit


The main theoretical emphasis of this paper will be concentrated in explaining concepts, which today are present in the discourse for increasing the image of a country, such as public diplomacy, massive diplomacy, soft-power, international public relations etc. Whereas, empirical emphasiss aims to identify and describe a segment of main communication actors which participate in communications with foreign public, in order to analyze the commitment that country’s institutions have about this dimension of communication with foreign public and the improvement of the country’s image. The hypothesis raised here is whether small countries, such as Kosovo, may influence the increasing of its image in the world, concrete opportunities and difficulties and to whom Kosovo’s campaigns should be directed in order to inform and influence foreign public in student exchanges area.

Because of faint activities in this course and the presence of other educational institutions in Kosovo, it is proved that the country is mainly a consumer of foreign public and cultural diplomacy without a strategy for spreading in foreign countries with the aim of increasing its image and reputation.


Keywords: country’s external image, soft-power, education, foreign students, educational policy, Kosovo.

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