Biomechanic analysis on the slalom turn speed with top skiers

Aziz Dujaka, Zenel Metaj
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Skiing is accomplished under special racing conditions, including environment (tracks, trails), which has specific characteristics. Studying the techniques of alpine skiing is difficult to be realized under laboratory conditions, therefore the research should be accomplished in conditions that are defined by the environment or the race tracks. In order to determine the effectiveness of the slalom certain passages of tracks which differ in features in slalom races were selected. In order to have accurate recorded data that represents the slalom technique, speed was selected as the most important biomechanical parameter that characterizes the cinematic space of alpine skiing. With the analysis of the results and statistical processing, the conclusion is that the speed in given stages of the curve of slalom changes.


Keywords: Carving skiing, skier, skiing system, kinematic parameters, speed, acceleration.

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