Albanian language media in Montenegro and National Culture

Ismet Kallaba
Viti i botimit


This article is about the importance of minority media in the multiethnic and multilingual countries, such as Montenegro, in informing the minority population and preserving their national identity. It deals specifically with the media in Albanian language, which has its characteristics in relation to other media especially due to its linguistic features.  They play an irreplaceable role in the presentation and preservation of culture, language and national identity of Albanians in Montenegro. The article’s purpose it to analyze various aspects of the relation between the media in Albanian language and national culture, as well as their interdependence. Since in terms of today’s trends, the global culture is constantly replacing the national culture, the question that arises from this issue is for how long it will survive (national culture)? As a case study is taken the newspaper “Koha Javore” as the only weekly published Albanian-language newspaper in Montenegro. One of its most important features is the creation of the Albanian common cultural space. The article defends the thesis that the Albanian language media in Montenegro are an important factor for the development of national culture, respectively national identity since the public interest in such matters is primary here. 


Keywords: minority media, Albanian language media, national identity, national culture, global culture.

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