Online identity

Ilire Zajmi – Rugova
Viti i botimit


Social media have become an arena of rapid dissemination of information, global communication, self – promotion, freedom of expression, but also hot debates and powerful tool of shaping identity.

Identity is the concept socially attributed. Social media identity is regarded as “an extension of everyday life and cultural change tool.” So, identity formation as a social concept is being transformed with new global methods. This transformation is happening thanks to social media. Social networking platforms enable the creation and placement of real or false identity in the virtual world.

Online identity paper analyzes the creation of identity, motives that push individuals to create these identities, compares the creation of identities in the virtual and real world and the way of communication between users.

Also addresses the problem of communication with anonymous users, with whom the impression of individual identity is explored.


Keywords: social media, formation of identity, real identity,  false identity, online identity, privacy online, virtual world, social networks, communication, facebook, twitter, linkedin, internet,instagram, mask

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