Political communication through “Koha jonë” editorial (1997)

Valmora Gogo
Viti i botimit


This study will fully analyze and elaborate the political communication and message carried over to all newspaper readers, from Feb-March 1997 through “Koha Jonë’’ editorial.

My main goal will be the understanding of the media’s role in conveying political messages to the public masses, considering the impact that this newspaper, in particular, had on the  Albanian public at the time.

Through a detailed analysis I will aim to bring a closer view to the style, tone, figuration and all elements used by this type of journalism.

A considerable part of the same analysis, will be the role of this editorial as a catalyst of the political developments.

As I will analyze the message, I will also intend to analyze its author (i.e., editor, director of the newspaper and the like) as a political information communicator and in some stances even as a key player taking over the role of a political party. My analysis will be based on political communication literature and peer reviews.

The 1997 newspaper “Koha Jonë’’ marked the last period of this linear media that flourished at the time.

Komunikimi politik nëpërmjet editorialit në gazetën “Koha jonë” (1997)Political communication through “Koha jonë” editorial (1997).pdf