Turkish traditional media in Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania

Alban Tartari
Viti i botimit


This paper will try to focus on the work and activities of Turkish traditional media in three countries of our region, Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia. These media combine two aspects of communication media: communications from and towards Turkish communities in these countries as well as Turkey’s communication to these countries. In this paper will be addressed local Turkish media as television, radio, newspapers, magazines and websites which have a private character. Also, there will be treated two Turkish public media, “TRT” and “Anadolu Ajansı”, which broadcast / publish currently in Albanian language from Ankara, Tirana and Prishtina.

The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of the functioning of minority media in Albanian area and public media of another country (namely Turkey) in Albanian language. What is media message and how it is structured in two models?


Keywords: Turkish media, minority, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania

Turkish traditional media in Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania.pdf