Purpose and profile of the program Administrative Constitutional Law

The Master’s level program – Administrative Constitutional Law is designed as a contemporary and flexible study program in the constitutional and administrative field at the master’s level. This program provides advanced theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of constitutional administration as well as a mastery of empirical and theoretical-scientific research skills. Students in this program are educated and equipped with the latest achievements in the field of constitutional and administrative law and have the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge and skills in the research segment through seminar work, research projects, practical work, writing and the drafting of the master’s thesis.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this study program, students will be able to:

Demonstrate in-depth knowledge in the field of administrative and constitutional law and establish the connection of original ideas with certain field theories;

Analyze case studies, the links between causes and effects and critically provide possible solutions to challenging issues and problems in the administrative field;

Compare constitutional administrative aspects and good practices among different countries as well as advanced professional experience 

Demonstrate skills for integrating knowledge and addressing complex problems by reflecting on ethical and social issues related to the application of their knowledge and judgments;

Apply and base knowledge on contemporary trends so as to successfully manage their professional careers

Develop continuous research skills while keeping pace with scientific trends and achievements;

Design the research project and demonstrate learning abilities which allows them to continue to study in a largely self-directed or independent way;

Academic level and rank

The study program Administrative Constitutional Law is a Master program, respectively the program of VII level of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). Upon graduation, students will receive a degree with the academic degree LLM in Administrative Constitutional Law.

Duration of studies and workload

Studies in the LLM Program in Administrative Constitutional Law last 1 academic year with a total of 2 semesters and 60 ECTS.

Each semester meets the quota of 30 ECTS.