Sector Management

The main novelty of this multidisciplinary programme is that it offers concrete and tailor-made solutions for four sectors of public administration.In fact the programme addresses four key sectors of public administration – health, education, culture, and sports – that suffer more from a generalised approach to public administration management. The programme therefore applies a sector based and institutional approach that provides sector specific competences. For illustration, the programme makes a difference between management of human resources in education from that in the health sector, and so on.

The programme is also important from the lifelong learning perspective.Most of the candidates joining this study programme come from schools, hospitals, sports clubs and cultural associations, etc. They are all committed to improving management practices and performance in their institutions by advancing their own competencies.

Duration of studies:

2 academic years / 4 semesters

Credit points:120 ECTS

Degree earned:Master in Management of Education / Master in Management of Health / Master in Management of Culture / Master in Management of Sports sector.