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Petrit Bushi
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Petrit Bushi


The main areas of study, research and publication are in the field of public law, criminal direction. He finished the pre- university education in Vlora, Albania (1980-1984). He finished his undergraduate studies at the State University of Tirana. He finished his studies in economics, finance profile, in 1998, the Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana, where he achieved the title Master of Science in finance and in 2001, graduated at the Faculty of Law, justice branch, where he achieved the title Master of Science in Criminal direction. Doctoral studies completed in European University of Tirana (2016), in the field of public law, criminal direction, with specific specialization on "Financial investigations and confiscation of crime products". He has worked in the field of international cooperation since 2007, as a representative of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Albania at the Embassy of the Republic of Albania in Kosovo. He has worked in the Prosecution Office, at State Police General Directorate, in different tasks. He has completed specializations and trainings in the financial investigation field and he is a trainer for financial investigations and confiscation of crime products given by the Council of Europe, Police CARPO project. He held trainings in financial investigation filed and confiscation of crime products, of public procurement procedures, as a trainer of the Council of Europe and OSCE. Since 2009, he is a lecturer in the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Public Administration at the AAB College, in Pristina, subjects: Financial crime, financial law, preservation and protection of information etc. He is co-author with the Council of Europe, on the manual "Financial investigations and confiscation of proceeds of crime".

Mentor LECAJ, PhD.cand.
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Mentor LECAJ, PhD.cand.

Vice Dean
Head of quality assurance

Currently studying at the PhD Programme at the International Cathedre of the Faculty of Law- University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina”. He completed his Master’s degree in the field of international-law sciences at the Faculty of Law, University of Prishtina, while after his basic studies was awarded the title Law Degree at the faculty of Law, University of Prishtina. He completed the Exam of Jurisprudence- at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kosovo, also successfully complteing the certified course titled " Challenges of American National Security, Strategy , and The Press", at the Harvard University.

He has participated in the following  projects JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency, Western Balkans Cultural Antenna, a member of the group of experts at the Cultural Innovation Network assembly, headquertered in Brussels, a licensed Attorney, also involved in other organizations in Albania and Kosovo.

He is engaged as a regular lecturer  of subjects in the international field at the College of AAB starting  the academic year at 2012/2014.So far he has participated in numerous trainings, international conferences and has published numerous scientific works ..

He speaks the followinf languages English, French and Serbo-Croatian.

Holdin the position of the Vice Dean for teaching issues and quality assurance coordinator at the Faculty of Public Administration "AAB", in department of Pristina and Ferizaj


Dashnim Ismajli

Head of science & Head of generation of funds and projects

Donik Sallova

Head of (internship) and student mentorin

Matilda Pajo

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Head of science & - Head of student activities