Fatmir Qollakaj

Fatmir Qollakaj

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Vice- Dean
Head of quality assurance

The main areas of study, research and publication: security, social studies, criminology, terrorism, etc.  Since 2009 he has been serving as the Dean for academic issues a the Faculty of Law of AAB .

He completed his pre-university education in his hometown Prizren, Kosovo. He graduated Philosophy and Sociology Studies from the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Pristina to continue studying for a master degree at the University of Zagreb (1989 - 1991) and the Faculty of Law of the University of Pristina. He completed postgraduate studies in the field of criminal and security studies and earned the title of Master of Sciences at the Faculty of Criminology (FCSS) of the University of Sarajevo (2009). Since 2011 he is attending his PhD studies in the field of penology at the European University of Tirana (UET). Since 2013 he has been enrolled in a second doctoral programme in the field of security at the Faculty of criminal and Security studies at the University of Sarajevo.

He worked for five years at the Institute of Social Policy of the Kosovo Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare as lead researcher. He has attended numerous training programmes in the field of child rights (certified by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ), the right to work (a trainer certified by the ILO, IPEK and the MLSW of the Republic of Kosovo ), protection of victims of many other trainings.

He has participated in many scientific conferences in Kosovo and in the region with papers and presentations, including several conferences in Sarajevo in the field of criminology and security at the University of Sarajevo, a conference at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Tirana, a scientific conference at the University of Tetova, Macedonia, etc.

He has published numerous articles mainly in the field of criminal studies and security.