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Dr. Hasan Saliu
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Dr. Hasan Saliu

Head of science

Hasan Saliu completed his basic studies in Journalism at the University of Tirana (1994-98). Master
studies in field of Mass Communication-Political Communication, and also PhD studies in Mass
Communication Sciences. His PhD dissertation topic was in the field of Theories of Mass Communication
such as strategic communication, propaganda, mass diplomacy, and public relations.

He has been working as a journalist, editor, and columnist, in Kosovo and Albania press for thirteen
years. He has also worked for the German Political Research He-Ma Institute, for a period of time.
He is lecturer at the AAB College for the courses: Investigative Journalism, Business communication,
Theoretical Models of Mass Communications, Public Relations, whereas at the public University of Tirana
he is lecturing the course of International Public Relations course at Master’s level and the Public
Diplomacy course.

Saliu has participated in numerous scientific conferences, published articles in various journals, a board
member and organizer of several scientific conferences, and has several of scientific articles published in
national and international journals. He has also published a monographic study titled Communication in
Public Diplomacy – Soft power and international image of Kosovo.

Phd. cand. Mimoza Doko
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Phd. cand. Mimoza Doko

Vice Dean
Head of quality assurance

MimozaDoko studied at the University of Arts, Faculty of Performing Arts for Acting and Directing in Tirana. Having completed the studies, she started to working as the director in the Albanian Radio-Television.

She completed her M.A studies in Mass Communication at the AAB University in Prishtina, where she works as a lecturer in the Faculty of Mass Communication as well as in the Faculty of Social Sciences in Prishtina, Ferizaj and Gjakova since 2002.

She is currently doing her PhD studies in the Mass Communication at the European University of Tirana.

Thus far, she participated in several conferences and training sessions also published several scientific scientific researches. Her Italian is fluent. 

Burbuqe Berisha

Head of internship and student mentorin

Arber Geci

Head of student activities

Phd. cand. Naile Demiri

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Head of generation of funds and projects