Stjepan Mesic has been awarded with the title “Doctor Honoris Causa” by AAB

Stjepan Mesic, Croatian politician, who was the President of Croatis from 2000 to 2010. Apart from his Presidential postMesic also held other state positions, as the deputy and the head of the Croatian parliament, prime minister of Croatia, and a several political positions andas a member of a political party. Mesic was born in a wealthy and educated family in Oraovica, and he was raised under the custody of his grandmother Marija. He finished a part of his primary school and two years of high school in Osijek, and continued the remaining years of the high school in Pozega, where graduated in 1955 as an exemplary student. Mesic finished the Faculty of Law at the University of Zagreb in 1961. Mesic in 1961, got married with MilkaDudundic, whom he has two daughters with

 After graduation, before joining politics, he has worked in the field of his studies.


Prishtina, 20.07.2011 13:46

During a ceremony organized in this educational institution, attended by Ministers,  ambassadors of foreign countries accredited in Prishtina, local and international businessmen, professors, the activist Adem Demaci etc, besides expressing his gratitude for the title of honor,Mr.Mesicalso mentioned contribution the givenby the Albanians towards the independence of Croatia.                         “You have given us generals, and none of the great Albanian community was not found in the other side during the war in Croatia”, said Mr.Mesic.                                           

He said that he was delighted being amongst friends today and spoke of his own experiences of a politician towards the construction of a Democratic Society. Mesic focused on different periods that the state of Croatia had experienced, the one during the process of independence, the construction of democratic institutions,separation of powers, but also of the importance of accurate citizen information where he also referred to media.                                                                

President Mesic has given a great contribution towards democracy development and human rights as well asregional collaboration. Moreover, President Mesic has given a continuous affirmation for the right of Kosovo’s self-determination and independence, as well as the unsparing support  for the development of friendship and cooperation between the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Kosovo.