Prof. dr. Muhamet Kelmendi
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Prof. dr. Muhamet Kelmendi


Prof. dr. MuhametKelmendi was born in Pejë in 1953. He completed Faculty of Law at the University of Prishtina in 1979/80. He completed his doctoral studies in Germany in the field of Legal and Political Theory referred to the theme of nation building and the rights of Kosovo. He is currently teaches and serves as Dean of the Faculty of Law at AAB.

He is fluent in German, Italian and Serbian/ Croatian.

He has been engaged in political research in the issue of institution and state-building.He worked as a lawyer in Hamburg and a member of the Lawyers’ Bar Association of the Federal Republic Germany, a continues to be member of the Institute for legal research on the Southeast European issues in Hamburg, political-legal Institute in Vienna.

Some of his best known published books are: “What can be realized with the constitution of the Republic of Kosovo within the Yugoslav Federation”(1986), “Establishment of the Military and Police power in Kosovo” (1989), “Reality and perspectives of national issue (1996), republished 1997, "Die Republik in Kosovo isteinerealitetgeworden", History of State and the Law(2012), etc.

He has published many publications and analyses in scientific magazines(including Recht magazine) and research publications of various institutes in Germany.