Prof. ass. dr. Rrustem Buzhala
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Prof. ass. dr. Rrustem Buzhala


Rrustem Buzhala completed the studies at the Faculty of Philosophy– Sociology in the University of Prishtina (1978). He finished postgraduate studies at the University of Zagreb, at the Faculty of Political Sciences (1988), and he completed the doctoral studies at the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Sociology of the University of Prishtina (2007).

Since 1986-1987 he started working as a teacher in SHLP-HPS-(High Pedagogical School) the University of Prishtina, and now he works at the Faculty of Education as an Honorary Lecturer. Since 2001 up to the end of 2007 he exercised the duty of the Director of Municipal Education Directorate MDE at the Prishtina Municipal Assembly, whereas from 2008 until May 2010 as Political Advisor to the Ministry of Justice. From the academic year 2015/2016 he is a regular lecturer at the AAB College, since 2016 he is the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of this institution.

Rrustem Buzhala participated at numerous local and international scientific conferences and so far he has published a range of scientific papers: “Me shqiptarët në Turqi” –With Albanians in Turkey ,The Institute of Albanology, History Section, Monography, Prishtina, “Vendet nga janë shpërngulur shqiptarët në Turqi” (Countries from Albanians migrated to Turkey), Albanological research, Series of historical sciences; Nr.39/2009, Prishtinë, “Integrimi i komunitetit shqiptar në shoqërinë turke”, (The Integration of Albanian Community in Turkish Society) Albanological research, Series of historical sciences; Nr.40/2010, Prishtina and “Teoritë e ndryshme sociologjike mbi format e integrimit të komuniteteve etnike”( Different Sociological Theories on Integration Forms of Ethnical Communities),2011, Educology- Faculty of Education, KUD 37;5/2011, Prishtina, etc.