Members of the Steering Council


According to the AAB College Statute, the Steering Council is the highest governing body of AAB College.

The Steering Council is composed of eleven (11) members with voting rights and they are:

six members elected by the founder of AAB College;

three members elected by the Senate, from academic staff of AAB College;

one member elected by the Senate among the well-known international personalities;

the College founder is a permanent member of the Steering Council. 

Rector and Secretary are ex-officio members of the Steering Council without the right to vote;

With the invitation of the Steering Council, its meetings may also be attended by the chairman of the Students Union or of the one of the Students Parliament, without voting right, where issues relating to students are treated.

Steering Council by majority vote may decide to increase the number of its members and the appointment of well-known personalities such as:

“Honorary Members” of the Steering Council with full rights..

As members of the Steering Council the following cannot be elected: the Rector, Vice-Rector, and Secretary, Deans, Vice-Deans and the Senate members.

In addition to the powers conferred by this regulation, the Steering Council will also have the following powers, but not limited to:

Approval of the mission and vision;

Approval of the strategic plan;

Efficient use of resources, capacities and protection of the institution property;

Decide on the establishment, termination and change the internal structure of academic units and organizational units after having consulted with the Senate, also decides on the opening and termination of its units through  Kosovo centers according to the required dynamics;

Decide on the overall organizational structure of academic units, in accordance with the proposal of the Senate;

Elect the Rector;

Decide for capital investments;

Once a year may require from the manager of Finance Services to be informed about the financial situation, problems and difficulties presented and the method for solving them;

Issue the work regulation of the Steering Council

To decide on the announcement for admission of students;

To decide on the amount of payment for the registration and education of students;

Decide for scholarships that will be given to outstanding students;

Amendments and supplements to the cost of services may be proposed to the founder;

Decide on the use of funds in efficient and productive manner;

Issue regulations on the procedure and disciplinary measures;

Establish committees, in accordance with the Statute, commissions which will deal with specific issues within its scope;

To decide on the form and content of logo, seal, dry seal, flag and other symbols;

Perform other duties in accordance with law and this Statute.