About Us

AAB College is the first non-public institution of higher education in Kosovo. AAB College was established after the war in Kosovo when new socio-economic and cultural circumstances appeared for Kosovo citizens by breaking so the settings of a long monopoly of education in our country.

In its beginnings, our institution has offered different study programs in the field of Art and Mass Communication continuously expanded with study programs in other areas and thus becoming an academic center in the country and the region and to serve as a model institution of higher education not only in Kosovo but also in the region. As a private institution AAB College offered a genuine example of the promotion of institutional autonomy and academic freedom in teaching and research within the institution.

AAB College is the biggest investment in Kosovo in the field of education. At Pristina campus, are located 6 objects on purpose to practicing educational activities equipped with modern facilities for creative teaching and contemporary technology. In the context of this campus, in addition to holding sports recreation center pool, soccer fields, volleyball, tennis, etc., it is the gym, which enables the development of social and sports life of college students.

Also with its own investments, AAB College has built two buildings in Ferizaj and Gjakova when its branches are extended by having so the same academic standards and similar infrastructure as the central campus Pristina has.

AAB College successfully passed through the process of accreditation and evaluation four times and now offers accredited study programs and certified by external experts in the field of Economics, Law, Mass Communication, Arts, Social Sciences, English Language and Physical Education Bachelor and Master.

Since 2010 AAB College is a regular member of the Magna Charta Universitatum thereby ensuring recognition of university values and expanding opportunities for building strong cooperation relations when more than 750 universities have signed this document.

During the last years, AAB College has been focused on strengthening relationships with universities of the region and Europe as well as in expanding its research capacity by providing a strong foundation for the opening of doctoral studies. Strategic development of the institution in establishing and improving the quality of commitment represents essential component.

To achieving the high-level of universities it is required the expansion in infrastructure, funding growth and the addition of further innovative partnerships with other European institutions and the world.