Mission and Vision


AAB organizes student cantered and diversified studies, engages in quality basic and applied research, and partners with community and industry to provide transformational learning experiences enabling the development of the full potential of the students, staff, social and economic partners, and the society.

Apart from these, committed to quality provision and to contributing to its third mission, AAB:
– encourages creativity, critical thinking, and universal values with its students in order to bring about innovative initiatives and projects
– provides a learning environment that enables social, academic, and professional mobility and helps in developing traits of a responsible member of the community in their students;
– focuses on activities in the field of publishing, culture, and media
– engages in a dynamic dialogue with social partners and community and
– joins in most relevant networks of higher education and science and Europe and in the world.


AAB is a lead institution applying innovative approaches in higher education, research, and technology and offering transformational experiences to its students and students contributing to personal and societal development in the age of globalization.