Mission and Vision


AAB College applies the most up-to-date approaches to teaching and research, provides perfect working conditions and studies for students of all levels and for teachers, including the latest technologies, enabling a friendly, academic and developing environment, actively contributes to social and economic life of the country and realizes quality programs of international cooperation in higher education and in scientific research. In this sense, AAB cultivates a secure environment that enables creativity, critical thinking, tolerance, and high ethical values of teachers and students within a lifelong education framework.


AAB College is a leading education and research institution that reflects the quality, values  and best national and international traditions of higher education and promotes high standards in academic and research life at home and abroad, keeping up with the latest technology developments, fully integrated into the European higher education trends (known as the Bologna process), an active participant in all significant initiatives in higher education in the country, Europe and beyond, and promoter of the economic and social development of the country.