Physical Culture and Sports

Program for Physical Culture and Sport at AAB has set the basis of a genuine tradition in educating new generations of professionals in the field of Physical Education and Sport. This academic year the university hosts the second generation of graduates, who will be build the knowledge and skills to contribute to a healthier and fitter Kosovar society.

This program of study continues to recruit young people, sports activists and popular athletes who enthusiastically and successfully advance their sporting skills and the necessary theoretical knowledge needed for internationally recognized qualifications as coaches, organizers of sports life, and physical education teachers.

The faculty possesses a modern infrastructure witha sports hall with dimensions for all games, special hall for aerobics and rhythmic gymnastics, and a fitness hall equipped with the most advanced technology tools. The faculty also possesses enough external space for all sports games including an athletic trackas well as a modern pool of Olympic dimensions. Regular and meaningful practical work and internships through numerous partnerships are among the key strengths of our faculty.



  • Physical Culture and Sports



  • Physical Culture and Sports