Foreign Languages

The mission of the Faculty of English is to successfully prepare the enrolled students for the labor market and for the advanced studies at AAB College or abroad

English Language Program at the AAB College offers a curriculum that suits the demands and needs of today’s society. Recognition of language represents a cornerstone in the development of Kosovo towards a western society. Due to the increasing mobility of the population and escalating international contacts, Kosovo’s path towards European integration, competence in English and language skills in more than one language have become valuable strengths in the labor market in Kosovo.

The program has also provided scientific and practical guidance. The overall profile of English Language is offered throughout philological performance. Knowledge and skills gained through this profile until graduation are distributed not only in traditional disciplines, but can also be considered as general competencies that facilitate employment of students after leaving AAB College.

Through offered courses in this regard, students develop solving competence problems and superior communication skills, which are applicable in a wide range of careers and provide excellent prospects for employment.

Faculty of English Language at AAB College is geographically distributed at three campuses, in Pristina, Ferizaj and Gjakova.