Previous Rectors

Bujar Demjaha

Vice Chairman of the Steering Council

Bujar Demjaha was born in Ferizaj in 1960. He is a distinguished architect in Kosovo but also abroad. He has designed many projects and has published several important books in Kosovo, the region, Germany, United Kingdom, France, etc.

In addition to the special project “Adem Jashari” memorial in Prekaz Bujar Demjaha has also designed several memorials in Prishtina, Klecka, Gllogjan, Kerchovo, etc .. Other important projects of Demjaha are: Municipal Development Plan of Prishtina, Urban Regulatory Plan of the Pejton Neighborhood in Prishtina, Kosovo’s Contemporary Arts Museum (First Price in Competition). His projects from the conservation and restoration area are: Engelhard Complex (XV century) – Blanzac in France, Ethnological Museum “Emin Gjiku” in Pristina. From the field of interior rehabilitation of the Kosovo National Theater and the Kosovo Museum in Pristina are its distinguished projects.

Bujar Demjaha has published several books in Kosovo, Germany, the United Kingdom and Bosnia:

2002 “Problem or Challenge”, Finish Human Rights Project, co-author of the book

2005 “Adaptation of Public Premises for Persons with Disabilities”, Finish Human Rights Project, author

2006 “Adaptation of Public Buildings for Persons with Disabilities”, HandiKOS-Pristina, author

2007 “Technical data for the design of architectural spaces and modules”

2010 “Free environment – society for all”, Council of Europe, author

2016 “Role of Tourism in Rural Development in Dukagjini Region in Kosovo”, Lambert Academic Publication, Germany

2017 “Post-conflict urban reconstruction of bazaars in Gjakova and Peja, Kosovo” in the book Authentic Reconstruction, Bloomsbury, London, UK

2018 “Rural school in the function of developing rural areas of Kosovo”, Perfecta, Sarajevo, Bosnia.

Bujar Demjaha holds the highest scientific degree Doctor of Science in the field of Architecture, Urbanism and Regional Planning, is a teacher of several subjects at AAB College and Tetovo University

Lives and operates in Prishtina.

  • +383 38 600 005

He was a professor at the AAB University and was its first Rector. He finished his Elementary and Secondary school in Pristina and his undergraduate studies at the University of Belgrade. He specialized at the University of Zagreb and the Sorbonne, in Paris. He completed his master studies in Zagreb earning the degree of Master of Philology. He engaged in doctoral scientific research mainly in Paris and in Tirana. He finished his PhD studies at the Faculty of Philology at the University of Pristina where he also taught as a Full Professor until 2003.

Masar Stavileci has published a considerable number of critical and literary studies in newspapers and magazines in Kosovo, Albania, France, England, and in some of the former Yugoslav republics.He participated in congresses, symposia, sessions and research projects of national and international characters. He has been active in the field of literary translations from foreign languages into Albanian language. He translated the novel Neveriaof the great French philosopher and writerJ.P. Sartre.

Apart from these, he has published several books including: “Illuminismin the Albanian National Renaissance Literature”, Pristina, 1990; “French literary themes”, Pristina, 1996; “An apology to the Albanian issue”, Pristina, 1998; “Albanian illuminism”, ed. II; Tirana, 2000, “Elements of literary stylistics”, Pristina, 2005; “An apology to the Albanian issue”, bot. III, on the 100th Anniversary of Independence, Tirana, 2012.

  • +383 38 600 005

Enver Petrovci, former rector of AAB University, studied Acting in the Pedagogical High School in Prishtina,he then completed university studies at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts at the University of Belgrade. He is one of the founders of Dramatic Art faculty and the Academy of Arts at Prishtina University. In 1989 Mr. Petrovci returned from Belgrade to lecture acting in the University of Prishtina and created new generations of actors in Kosovo.



  • The Idiot – director and main actor
  • The prime witness – director
  • Whose fault it is that I am Albanian – director
  • Courage – main actor


  • When the spring delays – 1980 – serial
  • Lazarus – 1984
  • The fug guards – 1988
  • Forbidden sun – 1989
  • Migjeni (film) – 1990
  • Necrology – 1994
  • Red flowers, black flowers – 2003
  • 1244 – 2003
  • One million Euros – 2005
  • Anathema – 2006
  • Border donkeys.

Dr. Uros Lipuscek, former rector of AAB University has worked as a USA correspondent and editor for Slovenia RTV, then as a consultant of OSCE Mission in Kosovo. He is an author of numerous texts regarding the World War Iwhere he analyses the role of great powers- United States, and the change borders in the Central Europe which correlate to lives ofSlovenians in Balkans. He has also attended international conferences and has published scientific works of the relevant field.