AAB Publishing House

The AAB publishing house was founded in 2002, at the same time as the AAB University. It is closely linked with researchers, academicians, student community and all its readership not only at the AAB University but also wider in Kosovo and abroad.

The AAB Publishing House is dedicated to publishing and republishing books from various fields of study such as law, economics, journalism, social science, public administration and almost all fields of study.

AAB Publishing House mainly publishes academic books, which directly support the curricula at AAB College and all other universities in Kosovo and abroad.

The AAB Publishing House has already published more than 60 books from different fields of studies and it continues with an ambitious publication plan also in 2015.

Chairman of the Publishing Council,
Dr. Sc. Hasan Saliu
[email protected]
+381 38 601 019
+381 38 555 444>
+377 45 284 797
lok. 176