Research and Science

Research and Science in AAB College

Research at AAB College has progressed in recent years to reflect the dynamic and continuously evolving shift of the institution from an explicit focus on teaching to the inclusion of science and research as integral components of the activities carried out at AAB. In accordance with the institutional mission, research at AAB aims to advance, create and disseminate knowledge in order to improve the well-being and health of the population as well as the cultural, social and economic development of society. In doing so, AAB endorses the establishment of a research culture at an institutional domain as well as in all disciplines and fields of study. In its scientific principles, stipulated in the strategic development plan (2022-2026), this is part achieved by aligning its research practices with core values and European standards of academic excellence, freedom, integrity and openness.

The development of research projects and institutional support

The quality of research output affiliated with AAB is in part monitored through the controlling mechanisms of Scopus and Web of Science. Professors and researchers at AAB College are obligated to publish in internationally renowned journals ranked in the above-mentioned scientific databases. AAB College dedicates around 12% of its budget towards the development of scientific advancement. This means that both staff and students are encouraged to carry out research and apply for financial support through the institutional research budget. Twice in every academic year, AAB College announces an internal call for research projects carried out through the respective research institutes.

Research institutes

The formation of a sustainable research culture has been endorsed by means of the creation of three research institutes that bring researchers from various disciplines together on specific thematic topics. This includes the research institute for Health Studies and Development, which develops projects in the areas of nursing, radiology and dentistry. In addition, the Research Institute for Diversity and Inclusion has as its thematic focus the examination of inclusion and diversity when it comes to social vectors such as gender, disability, ethnic identity, language, etc. It includes studies of economic development, public administration, language, psychology, mass communication etc. Finally, a research institute dedicated to the Arts and Humanities has been developed through the department of English to focus on questions of language and literature.


The successful advancement of a sustainable research culture at AAB is embedded in the knowledge of approaches to research and innovation. Trainings on various components related to the scientific research and publications have been prioritized to encourage the development of quality output. In part, this has been done through the creation of the Centre for professional advancement and innovation (hereafter: QAPI). It is through this center that we organize various research-related trainings. Recently a training with prof. Melita Kovacevic on the integration of research in teaching was held. + website link. // Previously, research integrity trainings with TURNITIN + website link  have been held, as well as various workshops by international experts that have dealt with publication strategies and academic writing for the purpose of publications. In particular, Professors from the doctoral schools from Ghent University have visited AAB College both in person and virtually during the pandemic outbreak. The focus thus far has been on the exchange of good research practices and publication strategies.