About Industrial Board

The AAB Industrial Board is an advisory body consisting of a group of volunteers from various fields who are industry and business leaders, academics, government officers and policy makers who have mutual interests in providing advice, support and recommendations for AAB.

What the Industrial Board does

– compiles strategies for improving the image of the College and study programs in the industry and business community;

– is involved in designing and reviewing the learning goals and outcomes of study programs to ensure that they meet industry needs and labor market demands;

– assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the current curricula in the context of the relevant faculty mission and educational objectives of the program, as well as provides recommendations regarding the content of the current curricula;

– gives recommendations on all issues related to the curricula to improve the connection between the academic content and professional internships of students;

– provides evaluation for the performance of students, whether for those who are current, in the realization of practical work or for the graduates of the College, from the perspective of industry needs, and proposes strategies for the continuous improvement of the program, etc.