Terms of registration

AAB University, according to its tradition organizes two terms of registration for the new students.
First-term usually starts on the 1st of June and lasts until the 15th of July.
The second term usually starts on the 1st of September and lasts until the end September month.

How to apply ?

Enrollment in bachelor level studies:

Each person who has completed secondary school and has passed the Matura exam is eligible for enrollment at AAB College.
The candidate should provide this necessary documentation:

  • secondary school diploma,
  • matura test certificateate,
  • birth certificate,
  • a copy of ID.


Enrollment in master level studies:

In a master studies program can be registered the candidates who have completed the basic bachelor studies from the same direction (profile) as well as all those candidates who meet the additional conditions for registration of studies in the respective profile, such as; following: – students who have completed basic studies from the same field of study according to the 4-year system (240 ECTS), to obtain the Master degree, must accumulate at least 60 ECTS from the program of the same profile; – students who have completed their studies in different programs from the profile for which they are applying can enroll in master studies, but in advance are obliged to pass the basic exams of that program selected by the Bachelor level. This category of exams is known as “Differential Exams”; – students who have completed basic studies and have achieved 180 ECTS respectively 240 ECTS in a study program which corresponds more than 50% with the basic study program, are obliged to attend the following program of Master studies and these students are exempted from taking additional exams (differential). – for each case according to the above paragraph of this article and for any other special case, the decisions are taken by the Commission of Master Studies at the Faculty level.



AAB Offers the following discounts:

  • 20% discount for all the students who have finished secondary school with excellent results.
  • AAB family offer: 10 % discount for 2 family members
  • Scholarships for all the candidates who reach the average grade over 9.5

Depending on education costs at AAB, students have the following payment possibilities:

  • Monthly installments possibility
  • Payment in six installments
  • Payment in four installments
  • Payment in two installments

The AAB University has created other easiness for its students according to the agreements with various bank institutions, where students can take loans for the payment rates.