The Faculty of Psychology is dedicated to provide the best services to the future experts who will work to understand personal experiences, anxieties, hopes, disappointments, optimism, confidence, ambitions and generally of human behaviors is relevant for social wellbeing and development. Specifically such issues are at the focus of psychological study. The study program of Psychology aims to provide opportunities for scientific approach as well as offer opportunities to apply the knowledge acquired in the course of the studies on various areas of social life. 

Our graduates from this program shall have the opportunity to get involved and contribute in many areas of social life: on pre-school institutions, for the purpose of facilitating the socialization and stimulation process of various aspects of psychic development, on elementary and secondary schools, to advance the educational and learning process, in industry and various companies, for the purpose of stimulating and motivation on work as well as for establishing good interpersonal skills, in health, in preventing mental health risks, in sport and other areas related to human communication.

AAB has selected motivated staff and experts that have a clear vision to establish the Faculty of Psychology to successfully accomplish the above-mentioned scientific and applicative goals.


Program Accomplishments:

  • Application of advanced psychological knowledge, including critical understanding of theories and principles;
  • Application of critical understanding of key concepts, principles and theories on everyday work or further education in the area of psychology;
  • Advanced skills that demonstrate ability and innovation to resolve complex and unpredictable problems on the study area;
  • Implementation of defined research and development projects and identification and implementation of relevant outcomes;
  • Demonstration of originality and creativity in working on professional issues;
  • Cooperation with others to assure improvement, development and new ideas;
  • Use of complex ethical and professional issues in compliance with the codes;
  • Current professional and ethical practices;