Bujar Demjaha


Bujar Demjaha was born in Ferizaj in 1960. He is a distinguished architect in Kosovo but also abroad. He has designed many projects and has published several important books in Kosovo, the region, Germany, United Kingdom, France, etc.

In addition to the special project “Adem Jashari” memorial in Prekaz Bujar Demjaha has also designed several memorials in Prishtina, Klecka, Gllogjan, Kerchovo, etc .. Other important projects of Demjaha are: Municipal Development Plan of Prishtina, Urban Regulatory Plan of the Pejton Neighborhood in Prishtina, Kosovo’s Contemporary Arts Museum (First Price in Competition). His projects from the conservation and restoration area are: Engelhard Complex (XV century) – Blanzac in France, Ethnological Museum “Emin Gjiku” in Pristina. From the field of interior rehabilitation of the Kosovo National Theater and the Kosovo Museum in Pristina are its distinguished projects.

Bujar Demjaha has published several books in Kosovo, Germany, the United Kingdom and Bosnia:

2002 “Problem or Challenge”, Finish Human Rights Project, co-author of the book

2005 “Adaptation of Public Premises for Persons with Disabilities”, Finish Human Rights Project, author

2006 “Adaptation of Public Buildings for Persons with Disabilities”, HandiKOS-Pristina, author

2007 “Technical data for the design of architectural spaces and modules”

2010 “Free environment – society for all”, Council of Europe, author

2016 “Role of Tourism in Rural Development in Dukagjini Region in Kosovo”, Lambert Academic Publication, Germany

2017 “Post-conflict urban reconstruction of bazaars in Gjakova and Peja, Kosovo” in the book Authentic Reconstruction, Bloomsbury, London, UK

2018 “Rural school in the function of developing rural areas of Kosovo”, Perfecta, Sarajevo, Bosnia.

Bujar Demjaha holds the highest scientific degree Doctor of Science in the field of Architecture, Urbanism and Regional Planning, is a teacher of several subjects at AAB College and Tetovo University

Lives and operates in Prishtina.

Shemsedin Vehapi

Zv/ Rektor

Prof. dr. ass. Shemsedin Vehapi, u lind më 1972 në Lipjan. Studimet themelore, të magjistraturës dhe të doktoratës i ka përfunduar në Fakultetin e Edukimit Fizik në Universitetin e Prishtinës “Hasan Prishtina”, me temë “Relacionet e forcës maksimale me aftësitë tjera lëvizore ”.

Dr. Vehapi në Kolegjin AAB mban pozitën e zevendësrektorit, prorektor për Çështje mësimore dhe është profesor i rregullt në Fakultetin e Kulturë Fizike dhe Sport.

Ka marrë pjesë në disa konferenca shkencore dhe ka prezantuar dhe botuar disa artikuj shkencorë në revista kombëtare dhe ndërkombëtare.


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Ligjëron lëndët:

Metodikë e edukimit fizik
Të mësuarit dhe kontrolli motor

Venera Kabashi – Llunji

Vice-rector for International Affairs and Cooperation

Venera (Kabashi) Llunji was born on 12 December 1968 in Prishtina. 
She graduated at the Faculty of Philology, Department of English Language and Literature and received her Masters Degree from the University of Calgary, Canada. 

She completed a specialization on Contemporary Teaching Methods and Methodology in Bournemouth, Great Britain; another specialization on the Development Program on Leadership and Management and the specialization on European Integration at the European Integration School. 

She finished her first PhD studies at the European University of Tirana, Albania and defended her PhD thesis titled: “Nationalism as an ideology in the programs of Albanian political parties in Kosovo after the declaration of its independence“. 

She completed her second PhD studies in the South East European University (SEEU) in Macedonia, at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Culture and Communication titled: “Morphological, syntactic and semantic aspects of adjectives: Comparison between Albanian translation and its original English source”.

She has been working as a professor at the University of Prishtina since 1991 and AAB College since its foundation. 

During the years 2002-2005 she was a Political Adviser to the minister of Education, Science and Technology, and was appointed a Political Adviser to the minister of Foreign Affairs in April 2008-2010. 

Venera Llunji was a member of the Association for Human Rights and Freedom seated in Frankfurt/Germany, branch in Prishtina during 1992-1999, a member of the working group of OSCE in the process of monitoring projects on the development of Provisional Institutions of Self-Government of Kosovo and projects on the implementation of Standards for Kosovo based on the Resolution 1244, member of the working group with the project on Public Administration Reform capacity-building in the South-Eastern Countries, member of the coordinating group with the UNIFEM Action Plan for the achievement of gender equality in Kosovo. In 2005, she became an Honorary Citizen of Calgary, Canada.

She participated in a number of international and regional conferences and published research papers in different scholarly journals in the region and beyond. She translated three political books: “We deserve Independence”, “Republic of Kosovo” and “Poisoning- a Modern Genocide”. 

She was Dean of the English Language Faculty from the year 2014 until 2018. 

Currently, she is Vice-rector for International Affairs and Cooperation at AAB College.

She lives in Prishtina. She is married with two children.


Uranela Demaj

Vice Rector for Science and Research

Uranela DEMAJ is Vice Rector for Science and Research and lecturer at AAB College in Pristina, Kosovo.

She finished her academic trajectory in Belgium and obtained her Doctorate from Ghent University in 2019 with a thesis on language and the role of ethnic nationalism in the Albanian-Serbian conflict in Kosovo.

Her research focuses on the multifaceted and complex dimensions of language and multilingualism in Kosovo and the Balkan at large, both from a historical and contemporary perspective and with specific attention to ethnic nationalism, identity building, and intergroup conflict.

Her work has been published in top journals and publishers including Nationalities Papers, Ethnicities, and Springer.


Zija Rexhepi

Prorektor për administratë dhe marrëdhënie me publikun

Prorektor për Administratë – udhëheq shërbimet për menaxhimin e studentëve si dhe sektorë të tjerë brenda Kolegjit AAB.

U lind në Preshevë. Studimet master në fushën e Komunikimit dhe Gazetarisë i ka mbaruar në Prishtinë.

Në Kolegjin AAB është inkuadruar që nga themelimi i këtij institucioni. Këtu ka ardhur nga fusha e medias, ku ka bërë përvojë si gazetar e redaktor në redaksitë informative të televizioneve kombëtare të Kosovës.

Në AAB fillimisht ka menaxhuar me Zyrën për Informim dhe më pas ka zgjeruar angazhimin edhe me udhëheqjen e Administratës dhe shërbimeve të saj.

Është i angazhuar edhe në procesin mësimor, në Fakultetin e Komunikimit Masiv.

Ligjëron lëndët:

  • Histori e filmit dhe TV
  • Marrëdhënie me Publikun


Rizvan Rexhaj

Menaxher i marketingut

Ka lindur në vitin 1975, në Petrovë të Shtimjes. Jeton në Prishtinë.

Përgatitja shkollore: Master i Shkencave Ekonomike

Përgatitja Profesionale: Mbi 20 certifikata të trajnimeve dhe kurseve të ndryshme në disa shtete evropiane në fushën e menaxhimit të resurseve njerëzore, ndërtimit të institucioneve, lidershipit, menaxhimit të financave dhe auditimit, studime të doktoratës në fushën e ekonomisë në Tiranë. Gjuhët: shqip, anglisht dhe serbisht/ kroatisht/ boshnjakisht.

Ardian Sallauka

Asistent administrativ në zyren e rektorit


Gresa Makolli

administrative assistant to the rectors office

Vlera Osmani

Zyrtare juridike