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Prof. ass. dr. Lulzim Tafa


Was born in Lipjan, Republic of Kosovo. He completed undergraduate and degree studies at the Faculty of Law of the University of Pristina, and then obtained his doctoral degree at the Faculty of Law of the University of Sarajevo on the theme of “Organized crime in Kosovo in the period of transition”.

Academic activities

Professor Tafa holds extensive experience as a lecturer or visiting professor in the field of criminology in Kosovo (University of Pristina, University of Peja) and the universities in the region (University of Sarajevo, University of Kiseljak, UET Tirana, UN University of Peace Studies, etc.). He held performed important functions in the academic institutional hierarchy, including management positions in research centres, academic departments, and university services. He is member of the editorial boards of three scientific journals in the field of legal studies, criminology, and human rights.

Research and publications

He has published his results of research activities, books and monographs in the field of criminology studies and at least seven collections of poetry. He is also active in artistic prose, drama and literary criticism. He has been published in numerous anthologies and awarded prizes for his creative and scientific writings. Participant and speaker in many symposia and round table discussions on issues of human rights and criminology. He is a regular columnist in the daily newspapers as well as in Information portals in Kosovo and abroad. His works have been translated in English, German, Italian, Serbian / Croatian, Bosnian, Rumanian, French, Arabic, Turkish and Swedish languages.



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Prof. dr. Shemsedin Vehapi

Zv/ Rektor

Ligjëron lëndët:

Metodikë e edukimit fizik

Të mësuarit dhe kontrolli motor

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Prof. ass. dr. Hasan Saliu

Prorektor për shkencë

Hasan Saliu completed his basic studies in Journalism at the University of Tirana (1994-98). Master studies in field of Mass Communication-Political Communication, and also PhD studies in Mass Communication Sciences. His PhD dissertation topic was in the field of Theories of Mass Communication such as strategic communication, propaganda, mass diplomacy, and public relations.

He has been working as a journalist, editor, and columnist, in Kosovo and Albania press for thirteen years. He has also worked for the German Political Research He-Ma Institute, for a period of time.
He is lecturer at the AAB College for the courses: Investigative Journalism, Business communication, Theoretical Models of Mass Communications, Public Relations, whereas at the public University of Tirana is lecturing the course of International Public Relations course at Master’s level and the Public Diplomacy course.

Saliu has participated in numerous scientific conferences, published articles in various journals, a board member and organizer of several scientific conferences, and has several of scientific articles published in national and international journals. He has also published a monographic study titled Communication in Public Diplomacy – Soft power and international image of Kosovo.



Hasan Saliu, Komunikimi në Komunikimi në diplomacinë publike: Soft power-i dhe imazhi ndërkombëtar i Kosovës, AAB, Prishtina: 2015 

Hasan Saliu, “The new nature of Cultural Diplomacy in the age of online communication” 
Journal of Media Critiques [JMC] vol.3. n.10. 2017. doi: 10.17349/jmc117206 (87-100)

Hasan Saliu, “International image of the country through strategic communication, Case of Kosovo”.  Journal of Media Critiques [JMC]. University of Lincoln, UK. Vol.3 No.9 2017 (65-76). doi: 10.17349/jmc117105   P-ISSN: 2056-9785 E-ISSN: 2056 9793.  

Hasan Saliu, “Transformimi i mediave lokale në Kosovë dhe debatet për çështje publike”, në: Sfidat e transmetuesve lokalë dhe rajonalë përballë qasjes online të shërbimeve të tyre.Tiranë: Universiteti Bedër, 2016.  (29-38) 

Hasan Saliu, “Media, letërsia dhe interneti, si kontent dhe si kanal komunikimi”  Letërsia dhe Media-një perspektivë krahasuese, Universiteti “Aleksandër Xhuvani”- Departamenti i Letërsisë dhe Gazetarisë, 2016, ISBN 978-9928-115-61-4. (19-25). 

Hasan Saliu, “Propaganda and Image in the incident in Kumanovo”, Thesis, AAB College, Prishtina: N.2.2015, ISSN: 1848-4298 (95-105).   

Hasan Saliu, “The role of media in intercultural communication in the age of globalization”. Media Industry- Trends, Dynamics and Challenges.  Proceedings Book, ISBN: 978-9928-194-17-6. (325-335).

Hasan Saliu, “Imazhi i Kosovës në marredhëniet publike ndërkombëtare”. Studime Albanologjike – Diversiteti kulturor në media, 2015/1, Tiranë, 2014. (47-56).

Hasan Saliu, “Media diplomacy – albanians’ challenges in the era of global media”, Socio-Economic Dimensions of Peace Building Proceedings Book, (62-72).

Hasan Saliu, “Mësimet për mediat, sipas teksteve shkollore në Kosovë”, në: Studime Albanologjike – Mediologjia, VI/2013 Tiranë, 2014. ISSN 2305-3828 (61-69). 

Hasan Saliu, “The image of a country, communication actors in educational exchanges”Thesis, NR. 1. 2013. Pristina, ISSN: 1848-4298. (89-98) 

A, Fuga & H. Saliu, “Les medias des albanophones dans les Balkans”, sur: L’expression médiatique de la diversité culturelle en Europe centrale et orientale  (ed.: Danusa Serafinová, Michel Mathien), Bruylant-UNESCO, Bruxelles, Novembre 2013. (283-298).  

Hasan Saliu, “The Serbian Propaganda in Dick Marty’s Report”, në Thesis, Zagreb-Prishtinë, Spring, 1/2012., ISSN: 1848-4298, (67-78)  

Hasan Saliu, “The impact of Education in improving the Image of Kosovo”, në: Educatio, N.1 2012, UET, Tiranë, ISSN: 2305-6614, (63-69).

Hasan Saliu, “Kuadri ligjor i televizioneve në Kosovë”, në: Historia e medias dhe mediatizimi i historisë – Studime albanologjikeUniversiteti i Tiranës-Fakulteti i Historisë dhe Filologjisë-Departamenti i Gazetarisë dhe Komunikimit, Tiranë, V/2012, ISSN 235-3828, (195-199). 

Hasan Saliu“Fushata “Kosovo- The Young Europeans”, një kërkim i paqartë i imazhit”,Komunikimi i integruar – Studime albanologjike, Universiteti i Tiranës-Fakulteti i Historisë dhe Filologjisë-Departamenti i Gazetarisë dhe Komunikimit, Tiranë, 2011/4, Tiranë, (171-178).   

Hasan Saliu ,“Ndikimi financiar mbi shtypin në Kosovë”në: Mediat shqiptare në tranzicion – Studime Albanologjike, Universiteti i Tiranës-Fakulteti i Historisë dhe Filologjisë-Departamenti i Gazetarisë dhe Komunikimit, Tiranë, 2010/3,  (144-149)


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Dr. sc. Bujar Tafa

Prorektor për studentë dhe financa

Bujar Tafa was born in 1976 in Lipjan, Kosovo. He completed his pre-university studies in Lipjan and enrolled his undergraduate studies in the academic year 1994/1995, in the department of Albanian Literature at the University of Prishtina, where he graduated in 1998. He continued his graduate studies at the University of Prishtina and defended his master thesis in 2003 “Poetry of Agim Spahiu”. In 2006 he completed his PhD in the field of Albanian Literature titled “Literary works of Mirko Gashi.” He has published books, studies and different articles in the field of poetry. He lives and works in Pristina.

A brief description of the work of the Office of the Vice-Rector for Students and Finances

AAB gives particular attention to student issues and to supporting them in every aspect during their studies. For this reason, AAB has organized a special division which is run by the Vice-Rector for Student Support. In accordance with the internal regulations of the institution, in collaboration with Deans and representatives of the student organization, this division organizes, supervises and assists numerous and diverse student activities, including visits to students in other universities at home and abroad.

This office also deals with the selection of students who need financial support, including those who lost their family members in the last war in Kosovo, students – war invalids, students with special education needs, students in welfare assistance, etc. Apart from supporting academic life, the division works with the office for extracurricular activities and with the representativeto organize recreational and sports activities, such as University Olympics, which is a traditional event, etc.

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MA. Zija Rexhepi

Prorektor për Administratë

Vice-Rector for Administration and coordinates student services and student administration. He is also responsible and actively engaged in installing digital technology in all aspects of AAB operations, including in particular student services, library and video linking facilities.

He was born in Preshevë. He completed his master studies in the field of communication and journalism in Pristina, and now continues his doctoral studies in the field of communication sciences in Tirana.

He has been working with AAB University since its establishment in 2001. He came from the field of media, with extensive experience as journalist and editor at the information desk of the national television in Kosovo RTK. Initially he has been engaged as an officer of the Information Office and then on the head of Student Services.

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MA. Rizvan Rexhaj

Menaxher i marketingut

Was born in 1975 in Shtimje. Lives with his family in Pristina.

Position at AAB: Managwer of Marketing

Education: Master of economic sciences

Professional training: Over 20 certified courses in several European countries in the fields of human resources managment and development, institutional development, leadership, finances and auditing, etc.

Languages: Albanian, English, Serbian / Croatian / Bosniak.

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Mr. sc. Granit Curri


Was born in 1982, in Istog, Kosovo. He completed pre-university education in Istog ad continued with his four year undergraduate studies (graduated in 2004) in the field of Law at the University of Prishtina. He passed his Bar Examination in 2006 and Master studies in the field of Civil Law in 2013 at the Faculty of Law of the University of Prishtina, earning him the title of “Master of Legal Sciences”. Mr. Curri is also engaged as an assistant for the law classes at the AAB Faculty of Law. 

Duties and responsibilities of the General Secretary are described at the University Statute. He is the highest administrative officer responsible for legal and administrative issues. In his work he reports to the Rector. He is also ex-officio member of the AAB Board and a permanent member of the AAB Senate.