Career Center

Career Center Mission

The mission of the Career Center at AAB College is to support and encourage graduate students to prepare for the continued development of their careers, helping them to develop the skills, abilities, potential, and personal values in order to mold them into the best version of themselves.

The goals of the Career Center are:

-To inform, guide, and advise students and graduates about career development and planning.
-Develop students’ skills, abilities, and potential so that they can be ready for the labor market.
-Prepare students for employment and continuing education, and facilitate participation in practical work.
-Provide opportunities for monitoring and mentoring students during internships
-Develop networks of contacts with employers for student internships and future employment opportunities by establishing effective long-term relationships with said employers.
-Provide assistance to students to increase exploratory learning opportunities.
-Organize workshops, seminars, webinars, round tables, and conferences, in order for students to better understand the labor market and master the skills needed to successfully organize and plan their professional careers.
-Provide digitized services for information, guidance, education, counseling, and career development.
-Collaborate with academic units within AAB College to provide student career development opportunities.
-Cooperate with external actors for the professional development of students;
-Establish innovative strategies around student career development.
-Develop relevant resources to inform students about opportunities for professional research and innovation;
-Organize promotional activities related to career development.