AAB Institute

  • The AAB Training and Research Institute is a body constituted by the Senate of the AAB University. Institute’s task is to complete the scientific research component of the AAB University.
  • The AAB Training and Research Institute is headed by the Research Coordinator.
  • The Research Coordinator reports to the Rector directly.
  • 5 (five) scientific research centers operate within the Institute: Economic Development and Forecast Centre, Justice, Forensics and Security Research Centre, Opinion Poll Centre, Culture and Language Research Centre, Sports Research Centre and Cultural Centre.
  • Scientific Research Centres’ activities are coordinated by the Coordinator of the AAB Research and Training Institute, in coordination with the dean of the respective faculty within which or in liaison with which the Scientific Research Centre operates.
  • The Coordinator, in cooperation with the Rector will, on semi-annual basis, design scientific research development policies at the level of the institution and, in cooperation with research centre coordinators, develop detailed operational policies, including allocation of funds for scientific research centres, identification, adoption and dynamics of projects related to the needs of the University and orientation of research projects in relation to local and international business organisations. In cooperation with the dean of the respective faculty, the Deputy Rector and the Information Desk Coordinator will, at the level of the Institute, identify the needs of the respective faculties for implementation of scientific research and training of the academic staff on scientific research.
  • Having reviewed the requests of scientific research centers, the Coordinator will compile a semi-annual or annual scientific research plan and address the rector with a request for utilization of requisite financial, human and infrastructural resources.
  • The Coordinator of the Institute coordinates the work of scientific research centers. He also supervises the Information Desk, whose aim is to continually explore projects and funds for implementation of scientific research and provision of services by scientific research centers.
  • The Coordinator of the Institute is the competent person for the organization of operational scientific research, including the decision to engage one or more scientific research centers in a given project or projects.
  • Scientific research centre coordinators will, for a certain period, also serve as quality assurance coordinators and report to the Central Quality Assurance Office for this part of the job.
  • Scientific research center coordinators are responsible for organizing, at the operational level, the scientific research. They are the bridge between the institute at the central level and respective faculties.
  • Scientific research centre coordinators’ tasks involve: following the needs of a faculty or a study program for research on respective fields; following the conclusions of a respective educational council with regard to scientific research; addressing the needs for scientific research during the preparation of master or doctoral theses; following or exploring the needs of organisations and businesses for provision of scientific research services on relevant fields, etc.
  • On the occasion of deciding on the suitability of master and doctoral theses by educational councils of respective faculties, participate as observer and coordinator of the respective scientific research center to give his/her opinion on the research component of the presented thesis.
  • The Scientific Research Centre Coordinator is the person responsible for reporting on all stages and aspects of the scientific research adopted in advance by the Coordinator of the AAB Research and Training Institute, namely the Office of the Rector.