3500 new books gifted from our francophone friends for AAB College

30 June 2022

The Member of Parliament of the Geneva canton, Mr. Eric Leyvraz, who also was the President of the Geneva Parliament for two mandates, met today with the Chairman of the Steering Council of AAB College, Lulzim Tafa.

Mr. Leyvraz donated 3,500 books in French to our library, which he has collected from the personal libraries of French-speaking writers, artists, scientists and scholars.

Most of these books will be in the library of AAB College, and some of them in the corner of the francophony which is located in our premises. The books will be in free use for the entire francophone community of our country. While, Chairman Tafa honored guest Leyvraz with a gratitude prize as a sign of gratefulness for the donated fund of the personal library for the enrichment of the University Library of AAB College. Mr. Tahir Shabani, Ambassador for World Peace was part of this meeting, as well.