4 new names are added to the extensive list of doctors of science at AAB College

10 July 2019

Dr. Sc. Venera Llunji, Dr. Sc. Gazmend N. Abrashi, Dr. Sc. Ilir Bytyqi and Dr. Sc. Artan Fejzullahu were recently added to the long list of Doctors of Science at AAB College.

The advancement of academic staff is part of AAB College’s priorities set by the AAB development strategy for the next five years. Most of the professors and assistants have academic titles and degrees, thus making AAB College the educational institution with the most qualified staff. The newly graduates have been part of the academic staff at AAB College for a long time.

Dr. Sc. Venera Llunji defended her second PhD and thus receiving the title of Doctor of Philological Sciences in the Field of English Language and Literature at South East European University. The topic of her dissertation was “The morphological, syntax and semantic aspect of adjectives: Comparison of translation from English to Albanian”.

Dr. Sc. Gazmend N. Abrashi, once a Bachelor and Master student at AAB College, now received the doctor of science title in Mass Communication-Journalism at the Faculty of Philology in the University of Prishtina with the topic: “The organizational communication experiences in local and international business organizations “.

Dr. Artan Fejzullahu, also previously a student of AAB College, became Doctor of Constitutional Sciences at the Faculty of Law in the University of Prishtina. The topic of his dissertation was: “The Challenges and Problems of the organization and functioning of the State Administration in the Republic of Kosovo”.

While, Dr. Sc. Ilir Bytyqi received the title of Doctor of Economic Sciences-Management branch at the European University of Tirana on the dissertation topic “Role of Management in Public Enterprises, case study: Kosovo Telecom VALA sh.a”. 

Our staff, made up of many doctors, is focused on advancement processes at home and abroad, reaffirming its position as the best among all non-public institutions in the country. There are now dozens of AAB students who are in the process of completing their doctorate studies.