50 Psychology students are doing their internships at five centers for psycho-social services

20 December 2018

AAB College’s students of the Faculty of Psychology, apart from the successes shown during their studies, they are also doing their internships in local and international institutions with whom AAB College cooperates continuously.

The Faculty of Psychology has signed dozens of memoranda of cooperation with various psycho-social institutions, where besides the joint activities organized during the academic year, there is also no lack of student practices provided through the implementation of these collaborations.

Using these opportunities offered by AAB College, 50 students of the Faculty of Psychology have been provided with internships in five major institutions operating in Kosovo.

Institutions such as: Kosovo’s SOS Villages, Downsyndrome Kosova, Labyrinth, PEMA and Autism. 

When contacting students about their experiences in performing practical work at these centers, they said such practices are necessary, especially for the profession of a psychologist, where practice is what helps you completes you academically and readies you for the labor market.