A forum of honor is held at AAB College to honor the work and contribution of Fehmi Agani

16 April 2024
To appreciate the work and contribution of Fehmi Agani, an honorary forum is held at the AAB College

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the death of academician and professor Fehmi Agani, as well as the 25th anniversary of Kosovo’s freedom, an honor forum was held at AAB College.

This forum, organized by AAB College and the Albanian Institute of Sociology, was moderated by the vice-rector for International Relations and Cooperation Venera Llunji, and was implemented in cooperation with the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Kosovo, “Fehmi Agani” University in Gjakova, Albanian Sociological Association (Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, diaspora).

The rector of AAB College. Dr.Sc Blerim Olluri expressed his satisfaction and honor for the organization that brought a large number of guests, saying that “this forum offers us a precious opportunity to honor the memory of academician Fehmi Agani, so today we must reflect on his values, courage, the selflessness and faith he had in the values of education for the transformation of society”.

The Deputy Ambassador of Albania to Kosovo, Mrs. Pranvera Dibra conveyed the message of H.E. Ambassador Petrit Malaj, saying that “the forum was gathered not only to remember Agani but also to celebrate his legacy in the fields of sociology and philosophy”.

On the topic “Kosovo in 25 years of freedom: achievements, challenges, perspectives”, Professor Besim Gollopeni from the Institute of Sociology, Demographic Studies and Innovation, evaluated the achievements that have been recorded over the years, while also mentioning the situation that prevailed during the time of academician Agani in Kosovo.

While remembering the values and importance that Agani had in politics, Mr. Ismajl Baftijari, president of the Institute for Science and Technology (NSI) in Kosovo, further elaborated on the topic “UÇK – LDK and prof. Fehmi Agani as a unifier of political and military thought”.

Mentor Agani, the son of Academician Fehmi Agani mentioned some cases and memories from his father, the challenges he had faced and the many attempts to reach his ideal. He summarized all these stories in his speech titled “My father Fehmi Agani”.

Prof. dr. Lekë Sokoli from the Albanian Institute of Sociology & UAMD through a presentation of the complete work of Fehmi Agani brought some important points such as his publications, interviews and studies.

The ceremony ended with the awarding of the “Fehmi Agani Excellence Award” for social sciences and humanities, to the professor of the Faculty of Mass Communication of AAB College, Hasan Saliu.

This award was shared by prof. Lekë Sokoli and the rector of AAB College, Dr. Sc. Blerim Olluri.