A Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Debate Center and the Faculty of Mass Communication

14 February 2020

In AAB College a Memorandum of Understanding between the Mass Communication Faculty and the Debate Center was signed.

Through the agreement signed by the Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication, Dr. Sc. Resul Sinani and Debate Center representative Erblin Hoxha, students of AAB College will now have new opportunities for professional training through investigative journalism in the field of human rights, and also in developing critical thinking.

The main purpose of the signing of this memorandum between the AAB College’s Faculty of Mass Communication and Journalism and the Debate Center is to cultivate democratic values through debate on the most fundamental notions of tolerance, cooperation and the right to expression. Cooperation will be realized in several areas: professional training workshops in investigative journalism, human rights and media education; creating and displaying videos on key issues related to human rights and journalism; organizing discussions on key issues related to human rights and investigative journalism.