A roundtable discussion is held between the students of AAB College and “Haxhi Zeka” University

14 October 2022

The students of the Young Economists Club were welcomed by the students of the Debate Club of
“Haxhi Zeka” University in Peja.
The purpose of the visit of the students of the Faculty of Economics of AAB College to the Faculty of
Business in Peja was the socialization of both parties and the exchange of academic and student
experiences. On this occasion, the students, in the presence of the managerial and academic staff of
both institutions, held a debate on the topic “Challenges of inflation management in the Republic of
The works of the debate were greeted by prof. Roberta Bajrami from AAB College and prof. Emin Neziraj
from Haxhi Zeka University. Meanwhile, students from both institutions debated about the various
findings and research about inflation in Kosovo and other world countries, where they presented
different models and experiences for managing inflation that is related to the measures taken by the
Government of Kosovo.
At the end of the meeting, the students expressed their willingness to continue cooperation in other
student projects.