A roundtable discussion on “Violence, Gender and Media in The Balkans” is held at AAB College

23 June 2023
At the AAB College, a panel discussion is held on the topic "Violence, gender and media in the Balkans"

A panel discussion titled “Violence, gender and media in the Balkans” was held today at AAB College, with the initiative of the international organization “Le Courrier des Balkans” and “Musine Kokalari” Institute, which was opened by Professor Nerimane Kamberi.

Present at the discussion table led by the editor-in-chief of “Le Courrier des Balkans” Simon Rico, were representatives from embassies in Kosovo such as the ambassador of Luxembourg, the deputy ambassador of Switzerland and the representative of the Embassy of Belgium.

Also speaking at this table were: Besarta Breznica, representative of the program for the treatment of gender-based violence from the “Kosovo Women’s Network”, Liri Kuçi, editor-in-chief of the feminist magazine “Shota” in Tirana, Jovana Gligorijevic, journalist and co-founder of the group “Women Journalists against gender-based violence” from Belgrade, Dardan Hoti, journalist, film producer and founder of the NGO “Sekhmet”, Besa Luci, editor-in-chief and co-founder of the organization “Kosovo 2.0” in Pristina.

This organization at AAB College, represented by the vice-rector Venera Llunji, aimed to bring together journalists from the Balkan countries to address and discuss the practices that would cover gender violence in the media, so that these discussions are the basis for solving problems in the entire media field of the Balkans.