A workshop is being implemented within the framework of the project on “Design and delivery of the executive education program in interior design and product innovation” at AAB College

16 March 2023
The workshop is taking place as part of the project on "Design and delivery of the executive education program in interior design and product innovation" at AAB College

A workshop is being held at AAB College for the design and delivery of an executive education program in interior design and product innovation. This project is financed by USAID Kosovo Compete Activity, implemented in partnership with the University of Bologna and Shehu Group. The rector of AAB College, Bujar Demjaha, welcomed the implementation of this project, while he assessed that it is one of the most important projects that AAB college has ever had, adding that from now on there will be a focus in this area for other projects in the future. The representatives from USAID Kosovo Compete Activity, Rexhep Iljazi and Alba Kondirolli, said that this project, financed by this agency, wants to raise the capacities and improve the connectivity between the education system and the labor market.

Invited to this workshop were the two professors of the University of Bologna, Giuseppe Maino, Donatella Biagi, and Davide del Curto from the Polytechnic University of Milan, who added that the project is very interesting and stimulating, while they said that they are happy to receive part in such a workshop, considering the great importance that this program has for students but also for the country in general. Ylber Gjocaj from Shehu Group, estimated that the labor market needs experts in the field of wood processing, therefore training and increasing human capacities is needed first, in order to aim to ensure the quality of the final product.

The Director of the Project Development Office at AAB College, Ilirjana Geci, added that the opportunity to implement this project is one of the most important, as it belongs to a field that AAB College aims for in the future, while it coincides with the needs of the labor market.

Even the Dean of the Faculty of Arts of AAB College, Fitim Aliu, said that they will give their contribution to develop the work around this project, to facilitate the implementation and to be available as a faculty.