AAB activities marking #GEW2021 continue with study visits of Economics students

10 November 2021

Numerous activities were organized by the Faculty of Economics of AAB College on the occasion of Global Entrepreneurship Week # GEW2021

#gewkosovo2021 continues today with student study visits to two successful and innovative companies in our country.

The first visit was made to Digital School and Starlabs in Prishtina co-founder of which is Hana Qerimi.

During the visit, the students had the opportunity to not only hear the history of the development of the company but to also see the company which grew from 3 employees to over a hundred in a span of seven years. 

Some of the messages that the founders of the company shared with the students were that you should not be afraid to think about accomplishing great things, as long as you make sure that you have good people close to you, because the people around you are the ones who will help you actualize your opportunities.

The hosts also shared information on how they work outside of Kosovo in order to make the company a success and a leader in providing services within the country, all the while giving credit to their employees for making it all possible.

The students continued their journey of study visit in Suhareka, where they met Gresa Kuqi, a young entrepreneur with a lot of potential and enthusiasm, who shared her extraordinary family experiences related to the production company Solid, which is one of the very few shoe production companies in Kosovo. We have worked hard to make our Kosovo known to foreign companies like #Geox #Valentino, with whom we collaborate and also produce their brands, she said.

Students, in addition to hearing the success story of Mrs. Kuci, had the opportunity to see an extraordinary factory where more than 70 people work, a considerable number of which were women.