AAB alumni talk promotes former nursing students who are employed in Germany

10 May 2022

The Career Center within #AABAlumniTalk organized an activity with successful graduate students from the Faculty of Nursing, who, thanks to the Career and Employment Program, now work in prestigious health institutions in Germany.

The Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Idriz Sopjani, opened this activity by thanking the former students for their willingness to talk about their successes. He stressed that the need for care will always exist, which is why the profession of nursing is so important.

Among the alumni students present were Mirlinda Uka, Kushtrim Haliti, and Endrit Bunjaku, who emphasized that thanks to the support from AAB College, and their great dedication and desire for employment in Germany, they have managed to achieve what they dreamed of at such a young age. They also talked about the difficulties they went through, but their willpower and support from AAB College guided them towards the path of success. Mirlinda Uka said that starting this experience was not easy at all, especially starting a German language course, as she had no mastery over the language. The places where the graduate students are now employed are: Kushtrim Haliti at the Sana Klinik Hürth, Mirlinda Uka at the Sana Klinik Köln and Endrit Bunjaku at MiCura Nürnberg.

Attending this talk were students who were both physically and virtually present.