AAB College and Play international with joint cooperation projects

16 January 2020

A delegation from the PLAY INTERNATIONAL Organization led by the head of the mission in Kosovo, Andrew Piner with associates visited AAB College.

This delegation was received by Rector Bujar Demjaha, Vice-Rector for Education Shemsedin Vehapi and the Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports, Fatmir Pireva.

Rector Demjaha informed the guests about the achievements of AAB College, the organizational structure, leadership, academic units, study programs and the form of organizing the teaching process in general.

Mr. Andrew Piner presented the mission of the organization PLAY INTERNATIONAL, the projects that are being implemented and those that are planned for 2020. He focused more on the opportunities for cooperation between the two institutions, both professionally and technical.

While Vice Rector Vehapi in this meeting spoke about the organization of various events with different partners and the possibilities of implementing joint projects with the NGO PLAY INTERNATIONAL, in the EU projects for ERASMUS +.

The Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education, Fatmir Pireva, also spoke about the projects implemented so far, and the involvement of staff and students in these projects.

Today’s meeting will be followed by other working meetings, where both subjects AAB College and NGO PLAY INTERNATIONAL agreed to continue with joint projects.

PLAY INTERNATIONAL has been operating in Kosovo since 1999. Through sports activities, this organization strives to find inclusive solutions to promote education, inclusion and well-being of everyone regardless of gender, ethnicity or ability.