AAB College and Polyclinic/ Laboratory “Avicena” sign cooperation agreement

18 June 2021

The students of the Faculty of Nursing of AAB College continue to be highly sought after in workplaces in the country and beyond.

In order to provide even more opportunities for internships and employment for the Nursing graduates, today, AAB College signed a cooperation agreement with the Laboratory and Polyclinic “Avicena”.

Vice Rector Venera Llunji, who was the signatory party on behalf of AAB College, described this union as essential for the students, saying: “Our cooperation marks a new step in the field of medicine. Through this agreement, we can provide our exemplary students with professional work conditions.”

She explained that with this agreement, students will also benefit from professional trainings and seminars.

Whereas, Adelina Shuki, general director of the Laboratory “Avienca”, said that the agreement with AAB College is of special importance to them: “Our laboratory is a leader in its field, and we are expanding by the day. We greatly value our professional staff, therefore the agreement with AAB College is very important to us.”

Many of the graduate students at the Faculty of Nursing of AAB College have already become part of important health institutions abroad, and greater yet is the number of those who are employed in our country.