AAB College and the French University of Caen discuss joint programs and student exchange

11 April 2024

The meetings of the deans and professors of AAB College at the University of Caen in France continued. On the fifth day of their official visit to this French university, the dean of Law, Mentor Lecaj, the dean of Physical Education, Fatmir Pireva, of Mass Communication, Hasan Saliu, as well as the professors of the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Uranela Demaj and Fatmir Ramadani, have held a series of meetings with their French counterparts.

The purpose of these meetings was to deepen the cooperation between AAB College and Caen University, specifically for the possibility of dual programs between the two institutions as well as the exchange of students from the respective faculties, both those of AAB in France and those of the French can attend a semester at AAB College.

AAB and the University of Caen have so far conducted several joint agreements which are being implemented.