AAB College awarded tens of full scholarships during first part of the Scholarship

1 October 2019

Hundreds of applicants from all over Kosovo took part in the first day of the evaluation test under the Scholarship Program that AAB has decided to allocate during the second bachelor’s degree deadline. Dozens of students received full one-year scholarships for study.

This opportunity was considered vital by high school students, expressing their happiness that such an opportunity became available when otherwise there are no initiatives and investments in our country that contribute to the education of the younger generations. The participating graduates thanked AAB College as well as the academic staff who made these scholarships possible at the right time when they most needed the motivation to achieve their dreams.

Such continuous investments that have been made for almost two decades since AAB College’s inception make us the largest and most sought after non-public institution in the country and region.

Also, tomorrow (Friday, September 27, 2019), the rest of the scholarship tests will be organized, with hundreds of other applicants expected to attend the remaining study programs.