1 October 2020

AAB College begins new academic year of 2020/21 in entirely different circumstances because of the situation created by covid-19.

Traditionally, AAB College has always started its classes on October 1, therefore, despite the covid-19 situation that we find ourselves in, this date remains the date of the new academic year for the AAB College staff and students.

Rector of AAB College, Bujar Demjaha, in his address to the students and the staff, asked for dedication and vigilance during these trying times. “We, as an institution, have done our utmost to meet the needs of you, the students so you can return to your studies unhindered. And now, it falls upon you to follow the rules and be vigilant, so we can all carry on forward together instead of regressing to the previous methods of study from earlier in the year.” Said Demjaha.

Rector Demjaha welcomed both the students and staff to this new academic year while also instructing them to pay heed to the rules, wear the masks, keep distance in the halls, and respect the seating guidelines in class.  

AAB College has taken every safety measure, so we can begin a smooth academic year in compliance with all the recommendations of NIPHK and MoH. As a part of the preparations made, AAB College has also created its own task-force, which is charged with setting its own guidelines and enforcing them. This task-force, in cooperation with AAB College management, has created suitable conditions for students to safely attend classes. 

The academic year has also begun for second, third- and fourth-year students, even as scores of new students come to complete their registrations at AAB College. New high school graduates still have a chance of meeting the registration deadline.

Meanwhile, administrative services of AAB College will be at the disposal of every student to inform them of their class schedule. 

To all the AAB College students and staff, once again, welcome to the new academic year. Stay safe and be well!